Turnkey solutions to settle in Andorra

If you are willing to start a new life abroad, we help you to define a new concept for your business, create the local structure and provide you the right local contacts to simplify your move and let you enjoy an easy landing. Your new project will be set up expertly, time efficiently and cost effectively.

Analysis and facilitation

We help you think about the possibilities for your life and for your future business:

  • A new place of residence, but not necessarily; perhaps simply a new business idea that would benefit from a base in Andorra
  • Your future in a small country where everything is done to help entrepreneurship
  • Your ambitions in this new life

Benefits of Andorra

  • Quality of life
  • Wealth
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Proximity
  • Dynamism
  • Very low taxation

Would your business benefit?

Share your idea or concern with us:

  • We analyse whether your project could benefit from these exclusive advantages
  • We think together about the best strategy for your project
  • We accompany you with qualified partners to the last detail for your new home and the landing of your family