Entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers often face situations that are difficult to overcome

If you feel familiar with the statements above we can help.

You might be a leader with limited subjectivity that can’t see the whole picture because you’re too close to the day to day struggle; you might be unable to motivate your team or even yourself (or both); you might experience that your time management is out of control and you’re agenda looks like a scratched puzzle; you may not trust your board anymore or your steering committee and cannot find your personal guard, you might think you are the best but sometimes perceive lacking some basic management or technical competencies (don’t worry,  nobody is perfect) or you might have the feeling that the mirror in your bathroom is your best companion to exchange about your strategy decisions. Welcome to the CEO’s life! You’re not special but just another leader facing common leader’s challenges.

Whether you manage a start-up, a SME or a big corporation you are faced with these common issues along your business life several times. If not, think twice, leave your ego outside and be honest to yourself.

We challenge you in all these subjects and help you to become a cheerful and efficient leader to make your company or project successful and outstanding.

Visconti methodology® covers all aspects any leader is faced with.