A unique vision will render your competition irrelevant

"Competition is for losers", a provocative- even arrogant - statement for those ascribing to a traditional benchmarking philosophy and lacking creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Strategy is about asking the right questions, starting with why, and finding the right value innovation solution that brings long-term outstanding revenue streams. Believe it or not, your customers become fans.

Design and strategy implementation

  • Build a strategy: let’s visualise a bright future for your business
  • Based on your business idea we will challenge you to define and implement a long-term strategy to deploy it successfully, whether locally or internationally
  • If you already have a defined strategy we will help you to fine-tune it to assure its alignment with your business model, to stay on course and reach the desired outcome
  • If your business is getting stuck, risks obsolescence and needs innovation to rebound, we will help you turn it around and boost it in a new direction / dimension … or not
  • The Gandalf® technique will mark the path to follow to a defined, realistic future vision

Create a Business Plan for your new business

A sound business plan will become your guideline to develop and drive your business idea effectively and to attract coveted investors. It will include all necessary areas of development, which are:

  • Executive summary
  • Idea and strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Involved team
  • Execution plan
  • Financial statements
Then we take care of your:
  • Business presentation
  • Elevator pitch
  • Meetings with your future financial partners

Develop an innovative business model

  • Whether you want to set up a start-up, create a subsidiary company or develop a holding structure we can help. We only need a sexy idea and a positive attitude
  • Finding the optimum location and setting up the right structure depends on your personal situation and the aim and scope of your business idea
  • We listen to you and choose the best available option according to your needs
  • We will challenge you in all stages and become your “sparring partner” along the journey
  • We offer you a "turnkey" support to establish the new structure and we help you find the necessary financing