Improve your leadership and management skills

Leaders often face situations that are difficult to overcome: "I'm totally overwhelmed"; "I can't motivate myself anymore"; "I sometimes have to think about certain topics and make decisions alone"; "I have a clear vision of my strategy but I have a hard time sharing it"; "My business is not growing as planned"; "I'm told that my communication with my employees is anxiety-provoking"; "There is nobody to succeed me!"; "The relationship with my board is complicated"; "My transformation projects are not successful."

Personal and business development

Having defined the best strategy to follow we can help in setting up and achieving:

  • General and specific business goals
  • Marketing action and plan
  • Sales agenda
  • Financial analysis
  • Human resources
  • Innovation & change management
  • Personal development

Financial profitability and fiscal optimisation

  • Prepare financial statements: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Determine optimum investment requirements and type
  • Analyse major profitability ratios and investment payback
  • Choose the best fiscal structure according to your business model
  • Prepare for eventual financing rounds with investors

Methodology used

Visconti® methodology has been developed by top ex-leaders from diverse company sizes, industries and markets. It covers all areas any CEO or entrepreneur needs to be proficient in:

  • Master & Strategy
  • Develop
  • Investing
  • Managing
  • Undertake